Sharing Custody During the COVID-19 Pandemic


With children out of school and most parents working from home (or not at all), families are spending lots of quality time together and finding new activities to do while under stay-at-home orders. This situation can become more complicated for parents who do not live together and have a shared custody or visitation arrangement. In general, order to stay home should not disrupt your custody schedule, though it is important to take certain steps to keep you and your kids safe and in compliance with public health instructions.

Make a Plan

Ideally, you and your child’s other parent should talk openly about how you are going to handle shared custody. If both of you are strictly isolating during this time, your child should be able to go back and forth between your homes safely. You want to ensure any other members of your ex’s household are all doing the same.

If your ex is not socially isolating – due to work or a disregard for the health orders – you might want to make other arrangements. Some people might realize that your kids are safer in a single house, especially if they are exposed to others. Some kids might also have health conditions that make them high-risk, and it might be best to agree to modify custody so that the child stays in one home and has video visitation with the other parent for the time being.

If your ex is not cooperative, you should call a custody lawyer right away to discuss possible options for emergency custody orders to protect your child’s health.

Contact a Child Custody Lawyer in Carlsbad about Your Concerns

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