Common Issues in High Asset Divorce Cases


Some couples have significant wealth when they get married, while others may amass wealth during the marriage. No matter what the situation may be, having high assets can complicate the situation if spouses decide to get divorced. The following are some common issues in this type of divorce case – to discuss your situation, contact a divorce lawyer in Carlsbad directly.

Dividing Assets and Property

High asset divorce cases involve much more than determining who should get the family home. There might be many types of assets and property to divide, including:

  • Business interests
  • Investment and vacation properties
  • Complex investment and stock portfolios
  • Retirement accounts
  • Collections, including jewelry, art, cars, and more
  • Personal property

Sometimes, even identifying all assets to be divided can be difficult, as some accounts may be offshore or handled by one spouse only. It is important to have an attorney who knows how to identify all assets and property and ensure you get your fair share.

Spousal Support

In many high asset divorces, one spouse will have the earning power or assets to maintain the current standard of living, while the other spouse might not work. Spousal support is often one of the most contentious issues in this type of case, and it is important that each spouse has the resources they need post-marriage. It is also critical that the court does not order you to pay an unfairly high amount of spousal support. Our lawyers help ensure that alimony orders are fair and reasonable.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer in Carlsbad to Protect Your Rights

High asset divorces have many additional issues, and they can often be lengthy and contentious cases. The McKinnon Law Firm represents clients in all types of situations during the divorce process, so please call (760) 227-2476 or contact us online to discuss how we can help today.

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