The Aftermath of a Summer Divorce


When parents get separated or divorced over the summer, they are often able to spend quality time with their children to provide extra support. However, as the school year starts, classes, homework, sports, and activities can take priority over special family time or vacations. Many parents fail to recognize the effect a divorce may have on their kids as school begins, but there are steps you can take to help your child.

Speak With the School

While your child may be mortified at the thought, it can be a wise idea to discreetly inform your child’s school about the divorce and changes at home. This way, teachers can recognize that unusual or difficult behavior may be a result of the divorce, and the school can identify when counseling or other services may be necessary to help your child succeed.

Have a Clear Custody Schedule

The last thing you want is for your child to be waiting outside the school or after sports practice, not knowing whether someone is going to pick them up. For this reason, have a joint calendar that clearly states each parent’s responsibilities – and stick to it. This can help lessen the chaos that your child may be experiencing from having two different homes.

Commit to Co-Parenting

When divorced parents can communicate and get along, it helps a child feel secure and sets an example for healthy conflict resolution. Healthy co-parenting can also allow you to attend important school-related events together, including parent-child conferences, sports games, and more.

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