Don’t Sabotage Your Divorce


When we think of the word “divorce,” it often brings up feelings of anger, betrayal, hostility, and stress. While many divorces are completed without much drama, there are still many cases that include far more difficulty than they need to. If you are headed for divorce, and you wish to move things forward quickly and easily, it’s important to prepare yourself for what’s to come. And to work with a qualified divorce attorney in Carlsbad, who can keep you focused!

Too many people begin their divorce proceedings with a clear head, but end up creating more of a mess down the road. This is especially true with cases that involve children, financial mismanagement, and any kind of infidelity. Regardless of the circumstances of your divorce, there are a few things to keep in mind, so you can dissolve your marriage and move on with minimal pain. Here are some tips to help you not sabotage your upcoming divorce:

  1. Get space

Often, married couples are living together when they decide to divorce, and fail to take time and space away from one another during the process. While it may seem more practical to continue cohabitating as usual, this can create serious tension and may lead to emotional blowups that can complicate your divorce. Consider having one of you stay with a friend or family member, or find alternate housing for a while.

  1. Make a plan ahead of time

Before you’re in deep with your divorce attorney, it helps to have some idea of both of your wishes in regards to things like asset division, child/pet custody, and other details. If you are able to sit down peaceably to discuss these things, put together a basic outline of who would like what (property), and some ideas for co-parenting.

  1. Find support

Even in an uncontested divorce, emotions can run high. Ending a marriage is rarely easy, so now is the time to lean on your support system. Join a support group, attend spiritual or religious services, try out a new meetup group, talk to a therapist, and/or simply ask for help from your loved ones. This will help you maintain perspective and provide a space for you to process.

  1. Don’t hide or lie

It might be tempting to defend yourself by embellishing the truth, or to hide certain assets from the divorce courts, but both of these things can land you in hot water. Be as honest as possible with your attorney, disclose all of your financial documents, and only give true testimony in writing and in front of the judge.

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